Maximum 5 Students Per Class

With a maximum of 5 students per class you will quickly improve your speaking, pronunciation and understanding of English.

Trinity English School Dublin

Maximum 5 Students Per Class

Small Classes

The smallest English classes in Dublin Personal attention so that you learn English faster.

Flexible Times

English classes can be 4 -30 hours per week in the morning, afternoon and evenings.

No Extra Fees

There are no extra charges that you have to pay for your English Course.

Why we do what we do:

"Small classes are more engaging places for students because they're able to
have a more personal connection with teachers, simply by virtue of the fact
that there are fewer in the classroom competing for that teacher's attention."
- Adam Gamoran of the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr Victoria Du Toit:

“The quality of classes surpassed my expectations, every student is listened to,
encouraged to contribute, and expected to learn at a very high standard.
With such a small class, the teachers and staff really get to know the students
and are very available to help. The small class size makes it an intimate and
enjoyable time with friendships formed with classmates.”

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